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Social Security

In recent years, along with the promotion and development of production and business activities, social security has always been concerned by Petrovietnam’s leaders and staff, considered as an important political task, responsibility and affection of the oil and gas workers to the community and society.

This is also one of the cultural characteristics of a leading state-owned enterprise, the mainstay of the economy. Social security demonstrates humanity, the duty of man and society to the community and contributes to building a harmonious and civilized society. 

Basic principle of social security is to ensure solidarity, sharing and community support to difficult and risky situations in life, helping each other to develop together, thus promoting consensus, equality and social justice.

Petrovietnam is always aware of its responsibility to the community and society to build good things and bring public benefits, to create common good for the whole community and also take care of its employees. Petrovietnam’s employees and workers are always aware of their responsibilities, not only in performing their production and business tasks but also being responsible to the community and society, mutual affection is shown when people contribute to social security with their own labor and knowledge. 

Every oil and gas worker actively participates in activities to get revenue, contribute to social charity funds, for the poor, for people in mountainous, border, island areas and policy families in difficult circumstances. Responding to the annual campaign “Day for the Poor” launched by Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and directly implementing social security programs, from 2006 to 2012, Petrovietnam sponsored more than 2,909 billion dong. 

Specifically, support the construction of 61,479 houses with the total funding amount of more than 503.38 billion dong from the units under the group; construction of preschools, secondary schools, boarding houses for students in poor districts, public service houses for teachers in mountainous areas with 194 works/ schools and total funding amount of more than 741 billion dong. 

Support the construction and provide equipment, facilities for 87 medical stations and hospitals to serve local people with total funding amount of 264.8 billion dong. 

The gratitude program supports volunteer youth association, veterans’ association, Vietnamese heroic mothers, localities facing natural disasters, and social charity with the total funding amount of more than 906.7 billion dong. Annually, Petrovietnam uses tens of billions of dong from the above amount to visit, encourage and help wounded soldiers, veterans, former youth volunteers, Vietnamese heroic mothers, Agent Orange victims... and pay gratitude to people with meritorious services in localities throughout the country. 

The above funding does not include the amount to support the construction of great solidarity houses for the above subjects through the program launched by Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and through the former youth volunteer association, veterans’ association, Border Guard Command, Command of Military Region 9. 

In addition to the above support programs, the Group spends money to support clean energy programs, the program to purify sea water into fresh water for soldiers and people on the islands, amounting to hundreds of billions of dong. It is worth mentioning that over the years, Petrovietnam has created many jobs for laborers, children of veterans, wounded soldiers, and families of martyrs and other policy subjects in the region where the Group operates. It can be said that creating jobs is the root to solve difficulties, contribute to helping localities and families in difficulty escape poverty sustainably. 

Regarding social security work in the oil and gas industry, the Group has established “Petrovietnam Mutual Fund” with social significance of mutual affection and help among Petrovietnam’s officials and employees when the oil and gas workers face difficult circumstances, suffer from illness, support the construction of “Petrovietnam Gratitude” Houses for retired officials and employees facing difficulty. During Tet and public holidays, the Group and its Trade Union have presented gifts to the officials and employees in difficult circumstances, visited and encouraged employees working at key projects of the oil and gas industry.

In addition, Petrovietnam actively participates in supporting social security programs in a number of countries such as Laos, Cambodia… as well as timely supports when there are natural disasters in some countries such as Russia, Japan…

The social security work has always been actively implemented by Petrovietnam in recent years, the disbursement is timely implemented to meet the progress of the projects and works according to the committed program and schedule. During the implementation of programs and projects,

social security works are regularly managed, monitored and checked, disbursement is carried out strictly in accordance with the regulations of the State and the Group, ensuring the right support, bringing practical effects, contributing to improving the quality of life of people all over the country.

In 2013, in response to the campaign “Day for the Poor” launched by Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Petrovietnam issued a Resolution to support social security work for organizations, localities with a budget of 500 billion dong. With this funding amount, the Group allocated to its member units to directly support the construction of medical works and schools; boarding houses, public service houses for teachers in localities with difficulties, in border and island areas. 

A part of the funding amount is supported through organizations and associations such as Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Vietnam Women’s Union … for the construction of great solidarity houses, charity houses... 

Social security work is one of the important contents in the development strategy of Petrovietnam. It is also an urgent requirement of the rapid and sustainable development of the whole society. With great determination, the Party Committee, Board of Directors, Executive Management Board and all employees of the Group commit to continue promoting and better implementing social security programs, supporting the gratitude programs to pay tribute to martyrs, wounded soldiers, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and previous generations for their sacrifices to protect the independence and freedom of the country and consider supporting the implementation of the social security program is the duty and responsibility of each worker today and future generations of Petrovietnam.

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