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2021 Results:

Crude oil
Million Tons


Gas exploited
Billion M3


Billion KWhs


Thousand Tons


Million Tons


According to our Development Strategy by 2025, orientation to 2035 approved by the Prime Minister under Decision 1749/QD-TTg dated 10th October 2015, science & technology is one of the innovative solutions that drive our success.

Science & technology has proved its importance to help improve productivity, operation performance, enhance efficiency for the sustainable development. So far, scientific and technological activities have been deployed throughout PetroVietnam's operations from upstream, midstream to downstream, from exploration and production, gas industry, power generation, refining and petrochemical to petroleum technical services.

In 2007, with the aim to transform science and technologies activities into the key momentum to boost production, PetroVietnam has developed the Science and Technology Development Strategy for Oil and Gas Industry by 2015, orientation to 2025 (Resolution No. 7922/NQ-DKVN dated 27/12/2007 by the BoD), with the viewpoints as follows: science and technology is the foundation and driving force for the sustainable development of Vietnam oil and gas industry; Systematic development with synchronous and specific roadmap; focus on applied research with proper attention to basic research; leveraging internal resources while taking advantage of international collaboration in order to obtain the advanced level in the region by 2015 and the world in some important sectors after 2025; developing science and technology in conjunction with natural resources protection to ensure sustainable development.

In the coming periods, PetroVietnam is actively implementing our science and technology strategy for 2016 – 2025, with a vision to 2035. We pursue the innovative business solutions to improve our production safely and efficiently and products diversification, significantly contribute to national energy security and economic development strategy. We look for complete and modern infrastructure investment for scientific research and technological development units with the ambition to constantly enhance our scientific and technological competencies to a higher level.