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2021 Results:

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Over half a century, PVN has made remarkable progress, making important contribution to the industrialization and modernization of the country. PVN has built up a team of highly qualified, solid, well-trained, dynamic, creative human resources, meeting the requirements and assigned tasks. In the current development and integration process, the quality of human resources is becoming an important factor, determining the success or failure of Vietnam oil and gas industry.

Over the past years, PVN has implemented 3 breakthrough solutions in science and technology, management mechanism and human resource development, in which breakthrough in human resource development is the focus. To improve the quality of human resources to meet the development needs, PVN implemented a specific training strategy in the 2016-2020 period. The main solutions were to strengthen short-term and long-term intensive training (master’s and doctoral degrees) in various forms; focus on training experts in specialized fields; focus on training intensive masters in production and business units, doctoral training in scientific research units…

On 19th August 2009, at Decision No. 2496/QD-DKVN, the Board of Directors of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group approved the “Strategy for training and developing human resources of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group for the 2009-2015 period and orientation to 2025”.

According to the above strategy, “PVN will create maximum conditions for all employees to study in all forms and devote their maximum capacity and intelligence to the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry”. In the coming decades, oil will remain the main source of energy and very important for the development of the country”. 


The Party and Government always pay attention to and create all conditions for the development of the oil and gas industry. PVN identifies this is a period with many opportunities for the staff of the oil and gas industry to rise up to assert themselves and human resource training and development is an option to create a breakthrough to improve the quality of human resources of the Industry.

Regarding strategic objectives of Human Resource Training and Development, PVN has approved the Group’s Human Resource Development and Training Strategy for the 2009-2015 period and orientation to 2025 in order to synchronously build a team of leaders, managers, science-technology staff, and Vietnamese oil and gas technical workers with professional, technical, science and technology qualifications, management and operation skills at international level to self-manage domestic and foreign oil and gas activities with high economic efficiency.   

PVN has actively promoted the implementation of the plan for carrying out human resource training and development strategy with the development of detailed and in-depth training program, experts in the field of geology, exploration and production... on that basis, in collaboration with member units such as Vietnam Petroleum Institute, Petrovietnam University, Petrovietnam Manpower Training College… PVN has also required the units to prepare human resources, provide professional and foreign language training for staff so that they are ready to participate in intensive and long-term training programs. 

Basic perspectives on human resource training and development:

Knowledge management and talent management are the focus and strategic development orientation of human resource training and development. 

Human resource training and development must be one step ahead according to the synchronous, systematic and international standard. 

Bring into play the resources within the Group to promote and develop training, with a strategy of close cooperation with reasonable domestic and foreign training institutions, to prepare long-term human resources.

Build each member unit of the Group into a learning organization, creating the best conditions for employees to learn, develop and promote their latent creativity, dedicate themselves to the sustainable development of the Group. Promote decentralization, and strengthen socialization in human resource training – development.

Solutions to building and improving the quality of human resources:

Organize standard training programs for staff in each field and major.

Build and develop PVN training system.

Promote the construction and development of a modern, scientific and effective human resource management system.

Promote career development orientation for staff on the basis of capacity and goals of individuals and organizations. 

Strengthen cooperation with Oil and Gas contractors, joint ventures with foreign countries in human resource training – development.  

Arrange and rationally use existing human resources. 

Strengthen internal training. 

Apply information technology in human resource training and development. 

Promulgate appropriate regimes and policies for PVN’s employees such as policies to attract talents, prioritize training, salary and benefits…

Renovate the training of students and staff abroad through the implementation of socialization and diversification of funding sources for the training of students and staff abroad. 

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