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2021 First Half Results:

Crude oil
Million Tons


Gas exploited
Billion M3


Billion KWhs


Thousand Tons


Million Tons


PVN’s gas industry was initiated since the first associated gas came onstream from Bach Ho oilfield in the early 1990s instead of being burned off from wells.

On September 20th 1990, PetroVietnam Gas Corporation (PV Gas) - a subsidiary of PetroVietnam was formed. PV Gas has been engaged in every aspects of gas business from collecting, import-export, transportation, storage, processing, marketing and trading to fuel power plants, serve industrial facilities, use as raw material for chemicals, fertilizer plants and heating buildings with a growing demand.

Our network of gas transportation pipelines was developed with the first associated gas pipeline from Bach Ho oilfield, which is later set into an expanded project to become Cuu Long gas pipeline system including central gas compressor, pipeline to deliver gas from Cuu Long Basin to Phu My terminal, Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, Thi Vai terminal and other distribution stations.

The second Nam Con Son gas pipeline has been operational in conjunction with international major oil companies. This project comprised of a gas pipeline system connecting the fields from Nam Con Son basin to Nam Con Son processing and gas facility onshore.


With the network of pipelines, PetroVietnam has been responsible for the development of gas infrastructures in southeast region of the country including Ho Chi Minh city, Dong Nai and Ba ria Vung Tau provinces.

As the demand for gas is expected to grow fast and to serve consumers in the southwest region, PetroVietnam has completed and launched the third gas pipeline PM3-Ca Mau.

Gas facilities

Exploration & Production
Health, Safety and Environment