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Petrovietnam President and CEO Le Manh Hung receives Petronas President and CEO

On 12th October in Hanoi, Mr. Le Manh Hung - President and CEO of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) met and worked with Mr. Tengku Taufik - President and CEO of Malaysian National Petroleum Group (Petronas).


Petrovietnam President and CEO Le Manh Hung received Petronas leader

Also attending the meeting on the side of Petronas, there were Mr. Adif Zulkifli – Vice President in charge of upstream and Chief Representative of Petronas in Vietnam. On Petrovietnam’s side, there were Vice Presidents Le Ngoc Son, Phan Tu Giang; and heads of Divisions/ Administration Office of the Group. 

Petrovietnam President and CEO presents souvenir to Petronas leader

At the meeting, Petrovietnam President and CEO Le Manh Hung gave preliminary information to Petronas leader about Petrovietnam’s main activities in the current period and towards the goal of net zero emissions by 2050 as committed by the Prime Minister of Vietnam at COP26. Accordingly, the Government of Vietnam has issued orientations with the top priority given to energy security. As two national oil and gas groups in the region, Petronas and Petrovietnam shared the same view on the issue. Net Zero is an opportunity and also a challenge for Petrovietnam. President and CEO Le Manh Hung emphasized the role of LNG in the energy transition process with the desire to promote the synchronous deployment of LNG use for power projects, gas/LNG value chains. 

Petronas President and CEO Tengku Taufik highly appreciated the long-term partnership between Petrovietnam and Petronas. Petronas looked forward to continuing its operations in Vietnam and expanding both sides’ cooperation in Malaysia and the third countries. In particular, Petronas highly appreciated and expressed its desire to learn from Petrovietnam’s experience in the energy transition process.

According to Petrovietnam and Petronas, energy security and achieving Net Zero are the top concerns and priorities of the two groups today. The two sides agreed to send a working group to discuss the early signing of cooperation agreements in the fields of LNG, petrochemicals, carbon storage, emission reduction, renewable energy…

Petronas also wished to work with Petrovietnam to promote cooperation with 2 national oil companies in the ASEAN region, i.e. PTT of Thailand and Pertamina of Indonesia.