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VPI conducts industrial testing of water-in-oil demulsification chemical

The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) has conducted research on manufacturing a demulsifier chemical to improve the efficiency of water separation in crude oil during production and transportation in the Cuu Long basin. The objective of this study is to produce a suilable demulsifier chemical with the characteristics of Vietnam's crude oil and trial test in field, thereby commercializing the product and replacing imported products.

According to Dr. Hoang Linh Lan - Science and Strategy Department VPI, the VPI-Demul demulsifier was produced by VPI has been tested for quality at the laboratory of the Joint Venture “Vietsovpetro”. The results showed that VPI-Demul meets the quality requirements. Therefore, Vietsovpetro has approved to conduct industrial testing of VPI-Demul demulsifier at the Bach Ho field, Cuu Long basin.

The formation of emulsions during the production process (usually water-in-oil emulsions) will be caused to increase the viscosity of fluid, increase the risk of corrosion of pipes and equipment, obstruct the flow leading to reduced production…

VPI-Demul demulsifier is used to demulsify water in crude oil to ensure the quality of crude oil in transport and commercial sale while helping to reduce the risk of equipment corrosion and increase production.