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VPI launching the first e-book in series “Everyone uses AI”

The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) launched the e-book titled “Digital product innovation - Everyone uses AI - Application of Power BI Service and AutoML in the oil and gas industry” (ISBN: 978-604-80-8046-4). The book is published by the Information and Communication Publishing House and distributed on Ebook365 - the national platform for publishing electronic books.


The book provides users with guidance on fully utilizing Power BI Service - the Microsoft’s preeminent data analysis platform - for digital product innovation and automatic machine learning (AutoML) application. It introduces some outstanding digital products developed by VPI and applied in the oil and gas sector. With the ethos of "everyone can build digital products" and detailed, easy-to-understand instructions, the book enables readers to organize, extract value from datasets, and transform data into AI- and ML-applied digital products, delivering valuable insights for businesses.

Readers are equipped with foundational to advanced knowledge to create their initial digital products: from connecting various data sources, organizing, managing, and maintaining data sources for reports, to creating interactive charts subject to end-user’s preferences. Moreover, the introduction of digital products in the oil and gas sector in the book, which are approached logically and systematically, serves as the inspirational factor for readers to innovate their own digital products.

Mr. Le Ngoc Anh, VPI Data Director of VPI , stated on behalf of the authoring team: “This is the first book in the “Everyone uses AI” series by VPI, helping readers gain a better understanding of tools such as Power BI Service to organize and analyze data, and, especially, providing a quick and comprehensible introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) through AutoML application. This is a technological foundation that changes the way we work, learn, and create value for research in particular and business production activities in general in the petroleum industry. With AI, employees working in the industry, from upstream to downstream, from technical to economic, management, etc., can all leverage these tools to optimize their work, generate new solutions, and continue the mission of seeking and exploiting energy resources for the country. With the spirit of “Everyone uses AI”, VPI will continue to bring readers to more advanced tools and knowledge through the Python programming language, along with the application of physico-geological models from VPI experts”. 

Conforming to its development orientation, VPI focuses on establishing, operating and thriving an innovative platform to help the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) take the utmost use of all resources, competitive advantages to realize energy transition and digital transformation, ensuring their efficient, stable and sustainable development, parallely captures every opportunity in the new context of the energy market to create breakthroughs. VPI has been building the Digital/Physical Product Innovation Platform Team and the Digital/Physical Product Innovation Team in core technological areas: advanced exploration technology; potential and reserve; management support and production optimization; efficient energy usage; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); green hydrogen/ammonia, etc.

In addition, VPI is also developing the “Vietnam Petroleum Insights” (VPInsights) to meet the demand for searching, studying and sharing insights about the oil and gas industry. The system provides complete, accurate, and timely information with a user-friendly interface and natural language to quickly facilitate the process of asking, accessing, and analyzing information. The system is built on the latest AI advances such as large language models (LLM) and generative AI, integrating the knowledge and expertise over the past VPI's 45 years as well as 60 years of Vietnam oil and gas industry, along with a huge amount of global data and intellect. VPInsights enables VPI/Petrovietnam experts and partners both domestically and internationally not only to access and use digital products and collaborate, but also contribute to the common petroleum intellectual ecosystem - timely and effectively supporting forecast and solution planning in the constantly changing context of the global energy industry.


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