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Petrovietnam reviews and promotes implementation of scientific research programs

On 16th October, Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) organized a meeting to assess the implementation of the scientific research programs in the period of 2021-2025 and the results of scientific research. The meeting was chaired by President and CEO Le Manh Hung.

Attending the meeting were Petrovietnam’s Vice Presidents Le Xuan Huyen, Le Ngoc Son, Phan Tu Giang; and representatives of relevant Divisions of the Group, Vietnam Petroleum Institute, Petrovietnam Chemical and Services Joint Stock Corporation.

Delegates attend the meeting on the implementation of the scientific research program

At the meeting, President and CEO Le Manh Hung and Vice Presidents listened to the Divisions in charge of research programs report on the progress and results of the implementation of research topics and programs, difficulties and obstacles that need to be solved. 

The Group’s research programs in the period of 2021-2025 include: Program for additional basic research, applied research to assess potential, increase oil and gas reserves with new technologies and advanced technical solutions to develop and exploit oil and gas fields to ensure economic efficiency; Program to research and develop production, storage, transportation, distribution and efficient use of hydrogen; Program to develop and apply technology of CO2 capture, storage and use at the Group’s production facilities; Program to develop the production and application of new chemical and petrochemical products, advanced materials and clean fuels from domestic raw material sources with large market, export capability and high profit margins; Program to research, assess impacts of renewable energy development and energy transition on the Group’s development strategy and response solutions; Program to research solutions (mechanisms) and technologies to combine and integrate the business infrastructure system of current and future key products, increase overall economic efficiency, increase scale, improve competitiveness in business of key products of PetroVietnam.

Petrovietnam President and CEO Le Manh Hung chairs the meeting

At the conclusion of the meeting, President and CEO Le Manh Hung affirmed the Group’s research programs are very practical, meaningful with the potential to be implemented soon. The research results would contribute to helping the Group give operational orientation, production and business operation in the coming time. 

The President and CEO requested the Divisions and member units conducting research on assigned topics, on the basis of achieved results, to concretize plans to conduct research and complete programs; Clearly and specifically assign responsibilities of each Division, unit and individual in conducting research; set out a specific time roadmap for conducting research, as a basis for evaluating progress; Quarterly, it is necessary to review the implemented works, the unimplemented works and the reasons as well as propose solutions to accelerate the research. Research programs must take advantage of the results of other research programs to save time, effort and investment. With programs that are difficult to implement, if necessary, it is possible to hire experts to conduct research together. President and CEO Le Manh Hung also proposed, for each task group, the Vice Presidents in charge of the research program to review and agree on plans for implementation, ensuring the schedule and requirements.