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Petrovietnam Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoang Quoc Vuong receives JX NOEX leaders

On 23rd May 2022, at the headquarters of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam), Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoang Quoc Vuong had a meeting and worked with Mr. Toshiya Nakahara - New President of JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (JX NOEX) of Japan.

Attending the meeting on JX NOEX’s side were Mr. Hiroshi Hosoi – President Adviser, former President of JX NOEX; representative leaders of JX NOEX’s subsidiaries such as JVPC, JX Mekong and leaders of JX NOEX’s divisions. On the side of Petrovietnam, there were Vice President Le Ngoc Son and leaders of the Group’s Divisions/ Administration Office.

Chủ tịch HĐTV Petrovietnam Hoàng Quốc Vượng tiếp lãnh đạo Công ty JX NOEX 

Petrovietnam Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoang Quoc Vuong worked with JX NOEX President Toshiya Nakahara

At the meeting, JX NOEX President Toshiya Nakahara highly appreciated Petrovietnam’s close support from the early days of implementing the Block 15-2 project offshore Vietnam. Since 1992 until now, the project has undergone 30 years of operation and achieved good results such as maintaining absolutely safe field production, applying new technology in oil and gas exploration and production (being the first operator to successfully apply the project to improve enhanced oil recovery (EOR) by pumping and circulating hydrocarbon gas into the seam). So far, total production of Block 15-2 has reached about 240 million barrels of crude oil and 12 billion m3 of associated gas. 

Mr. Toshiya Nakahara expressed his desire to further develop JX NOEX’s activities through new cooperation opportunities with Petrovietnam in the field of oil and gas production in Vietnam, while optimizing the value of existing contract lots, using the experiences that JX NOEX/JVPC has accumulated over the years.

On behalf of Petrovietnam’s leaders, Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoang Quoc Vuong thanked and acknowledged the contribution and effective cooperation of JX NOEX in general as well as of JVPC in particular to the projects of Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries in recent years.

Chairman Hoang Quoc Vuong believed that, with the experience, capacity, goodwill cooperation and determination of JVPC, the Block 15-2 project in the coming years would continue to bring practical effects, meet the expectations of the parties involved. He also confirmed that Petrovietnam would continue to promote cooperation with JX NOEX in the near future, study the possibility of cooperation in the projects that JX NOEX was looking for partners.