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2021 First Half Results:

Crude oil
Million Tons


Gas exploited
Billion M3


Billion KWhs


Thousand Tons


Million Tons

Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas:

At home: Promoting the exploration of oil and gas in deep waters, offshore, oil and gas reserves increase, contributing to maintain national sovereignty over sea and islands. While enhancing exploration probe and take in the traditional areas, optimize exploration - appraisal in order to bring the new oil and gas discoveries, marginal small mines in mining development. Increased oil recovery factor, raising the efficiency of the mines being exploited by the Group.

Overseas: Actively seeking new projects, concentrated in areas with traditionally good relations. Assessment and selection of potential projects on the principle of ensuring the efficiency and risk management.

Refinery - Petrochemicals:

To fully exploit the facilities and products of plant availability combined new investment projects efficiently to optimize operations, improve the efficiency of refineries. Promote the development of deep processing, petrochemical and value-added petroleum resources to meet the basic raw material for the manufacturing industry in the country to develop.

Gas Industry:

To build a complete infrastructure and gas industry from exploiting synchronization, gathering, transportation, processing, storing and distributing gas, enhanced deep processing to enhance gas value. Ensure adequate supply of gas to demand economic and social development and people's consumption.

Power Generation:

Operation is stable, secure, efficient power plants contribute to ensuring energy security, national power. Priority use of fuel efficient gas source for the development of gas power plants based on investment performance.

Petroleum Service:

Development of oil and gas service tech, scientific application of advanced technologies, develop service unit strong enough to actively ensure implementation of oil and gas activities, the investment projects of the Group and expand and develop foreign markets offer the highest efficiency.