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Petrovietnam strengthens solutions to cope with Covid-19 pandemic and decline in oil prices

Currently, the oil and gas industry is suffering from the double impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and decline in oil prices that greatly affects the production and business plan in particular and the operation of Petrovietnam in general.

In such difficult context, it is expected that there will be other challenges from the unpredictable situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the coming time, Petrovietnam has established the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee, synchronously and drastically deployed solutions to respond promptly and safely to the impact of epidemic, stabilized the operation to ensure continuous and effective production and business activities. 

Concurrently, the Group strengthens, focuses on coping, developing and implementing the plans for disease prevention throughout the Group and its subsidiaries. With the motto of “fighting against epidemic like fighting against the enemy”, Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries, organizations and unions have joined hands with the whole country to prevent the epidemic, and implemented specific measures with each unit to ensure the effective prevention of epidemic. The units have actively equipped with the devices for monitoring body temperature in offices, factories, construction sites, provided medical masks and hand sanitizer for employees, required full and honest medical declaration by the employees, minimized the number of people meeting and going on business trips at this time. Many units in the Group have allowed employees to arrange work at home to restrict movement, reduce the number of people at the office, headquarters but still ensure the assigned work. On 25th March at the Group's head office, the Administration Office set up a full body disinfection chamber for the employees as well as visitors entering to the building. It is one of the latest measures to strengthen disease prevention for employees as well as ensure a safe working environment. 

The Group’s leader has issued many directives on prevention and control of the epidemic, required the Group, units and unions to focus on reviewing the facilities, human resources, conditions and medical equipment to prevent and combat the epidemic at the grassroots level, ensure the health care for employees and laborers, especially those working in crowded places such as platforms, factories, construction sites... regularly provided specific and updated reports on the implementation of epidemic prevention at the unit. 

  Full body disinfection chamber is installed in front of the Group's head office

Previously in March, Petrovietnam's President and CEO Le Manh Hung had meetings with production and business units to cope with the double impact of falling oil prices and the Covid-19 epidemic. Mr. Le Manh Hung emphasized the Group leaders, officers and subsidiaries should raise their awareness and responsibility in every action to cope with the Covid-19 and the competition for oil market share happening very complicatedly, unpredictably. 

The Group and its units are currently deploying a comprehensive solution package throughout the Group to manage production and business activities during the Covid-19 epidemic period safely and without interruption; the units focus on reviewing the work, strengthening governance, implementing solutions to reduce costs and research, propose solutions to remove difficulties, offer scenarios to cope with each situation of oil prices. 

In response to the epidemic impact in the new phase, the Steering Committee has developed emergency response scenarios in many situations, including the worst case of having someone infected with Covid-19 to take initiative in handling situations, with the most important goal of ensuring human safety, maintaining the pace of production and business, without incidents that disrupt the operation of the platforms, projects, factories. 

 Vice President Le Xuan Huyen is speaking at the meeting of the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee 

At the same time, continue to enhance the propaganda and thoroughness in all employees of the Group about epidemic prevention measures, raise the sense of responsibility when fully declaring information about health status, actively quarantine when there are signs of infection or contact with infected or suspected infected people. 

At a meeting of the Steering Committee on 25th March in Hanoi, Petrovietnam Vice President Le Xuan Huyen, Chief of Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee notes that the epidemic is entering a difficult period, with the motto “Fighting against epidemic like fighting against the enemy”, this “fighting” needs to be involved in by entire political system of the Group; seriously, proactively, synchronously and promptly deal with solutions to cope with each scenario. In addition, strengthening propaganda to raise awareness of disease prevention among employees, thereby creating confidence and peace of mind for the employees to understand and feel secure in their work and, further contribute to help the Group overcome the current period. 



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