Result 2019:

Crude oil
Million Tons


Gas exploited
Billion M3


Billion KWhs


Million Tons


Million Tons

Petroleum engineering and construction service

Currently, some subsidiary companies of Petrovietnam such as the Joint Venture Vietsovpetro, Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation, Petrovietnam Technical Service Corporation, etc. are providing high-quality petroleum engineering and construction services like manufacturing, installing oil rig bases; engineering and manufacturing oil/LPG tanks, etc.

Specific services include:

- Manufacturing, installing oil rig bases and other metal structures;

- Engineering, manufacturing petroleum/LPG, water, pressured storage tanks and technological pipe system;

- Producing mechanical products, anti-corrosion products, maintenance and repair of  oil rig base, ships and floating vehicles;

- Manufacturing pipe thread, producing couplers, connection joints and auxiliaries in petroleum drilling, production and industries;

- Surveying, maintaining, overhauling and repairing petroleum facilities (onshore and offshore), civil and industrial facilities;

- Construction investment in petroleum mechanical manufacturing factories; ship building workshops; transport of oil, gas, chemicals, oil rig building factories; cement plants and construction material producing factories;

- Installing, maintaining and repairing petroleum facilities (onshore and offshore), oil rig bases, metal structures, storage tanks (petroleum, LPG, water), pressured tanks and technological system, civil and industrial facilities;

- Building oil rigs onshore, offshore.

Sustainable Development